I’ve been on a 50-city Solutions Tour across Indiana over the past two weeks, and the one message that I heard from job creators across my state is that they have never seen a better climate for job growth, bigger paychecks and for companies to reinvest in themselves.

We can thank President Trump’s economic policies.

For example, during a tour of a national food and beverage company, one of the executives pulled me aside to say that the unemployment rate – which is 3.7 percent in America and 3.3 percent in Indiana – is so low that it’s hard to find talented, skilled workers to fill the open positions. This is a great problem to have.

I shared with him that in my business, a logistics company, we shared the benefits of President Trump’s tax cuts with our employees through bonuses, lowering health-care costs, reinvesting in the company and hiring additional employees.

Later that week while touring a manufacturing facility, one of the employees told me how grateful he was that President Trump kept his promise to cut burdensome red tape and eliminate unnecessary regulations.

As the 24-hour news cycle remains focused on the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates trying to decide who can be more socialist than Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, real Americans in the heartland are thrilled President Trump kept his economic promises. 

Republican Mike Braun represents Indiana in the U.S. Senate.  Before his election to the Senate in 2018, he was the founder and CEO of Meyer Distributing, a company he built in his hometown of Jasper that employs hundreds of Americans across the country.