Our border catastrophe is a man-made crisis

I ran a business for 37, growing it from a small company into a national leader with locations across the United States.

Over the thousands of deals I made in that time, I looked for business partners that had one thing in common: I could shake their hand and know they would keep their word.

Joe Biden has proven he is not a handshake business partner on the border, and Republicans should remember that when striking any border deal with him and his lawless administration.

It started on day one, three years ago this week. President Joe Biden opened our southern border with the stroke of a pen by signing a series of executive orders that destroyed the policies working under President Trump.

On day one, Mr. Biden signed an executive order immediately stopping construction on the border wall. When I visited the border a few months later, the Border Patrol told me that the wall was the biggest advantage they had in stopping illegal crossings.

Mr. Biden signed an executive order allowing illegal aliens to be counted in the census and included in the calculations that decide the size of the Congressional districts representing the American people. Remember that next time Joe Biden tells you democracy is in danger.

Mr. Biden repealed former President Trump’s executive order that ended federal grants for sanctuary cities that refuse to enforce our laws.

He even sent a bill to Congress that would change the word “alien” in our laws to “noncitizen” to drive home the point that those who illegally enter our country aren’t foreign nationals with no right to reside in our country. They’re just not citizens yet.

A few weeks later, Mr. Biden ended Mr. Trump’s Remain in Mexico policy, which required migrants who came to the U.S. seeking asylum to wait in Mexico instead of being released into our communities. Under the Biden administration, those people are released into the country and even if they do show up for their court date, the backlog is over two million cases long.

President Biden’s message to the rest of the world was clear: Come on over.

Since then, we’ve had over 10 million people attempt to cross the southern border from over 160 countries. Border Patrol told me on my last visit that they’ve had over 600,000 known ‘gotaways’ enter the country, in addition to the 2 million that were released into the country purposefully in an abuse of the parole system.

At least 170 people from the terror watchlist have been stopped at the border. What we don’t know is how many got in.

Even the far-left mayors of sanctuary cities like Chicago and New York are struggling under the burden of Mr. Biden’s border crisis.

Our border catastrophe is a man-made crisis, and that man is Joe Biden. He has abused, ignored, or repealed every law we have to secure our nation’s borders from his first day in office.

Republicans should remember that Mr. Biden is not a handshake business partner on the southern border as the Senate negotiates a border deal with this administration.