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The Biden administration is taking a beating from Republicans for the fall of Afghanistan to Taliban forces, including criticism from some lawmakers who represent Indiana in Washington.

“It seems like the Biden administration is gonna do what they’re gonna do come hell or high water, regardless of the results,” said Sen. Mike Braun, a Republican, on Fox Business Channel, Monday, shortly before Pres. Biden’s speech on the Afghan fall.

Braun related the situation to what is happening on the southern border.

“Part of running any successful organization is to have a good long-term plan. But, as you implement it or even take it into another direction, you can’t have chaos along the way,” he said.

Congressman Andre Carson’s criticism was less stark, and he did not mention the Biden administration directly. But, the Democrat said on Twitter that the United States must help the people of Afghanistan, especially the ones who helped the United States.

“I will also continue my efforts on the House Intelligence Committee to get answers about this crisis. America cannot remain in Afghanistan forever, but we also cannot turn our backs on the people who rely on us for security and guidance,” said Carson’s Tweet Monday.

He said that America should make every effort to get American citizens out of the country, and should also expand the visa program for people who helped America.

Braun said the failure to retrieve equipment is a visual failure.

“It shows the rest of the world that when we’re so dead set on doing something we can’t even orchestrate something that we’ve been staging for a long time,” he said.

Braun said he believes Pres. Biden has failed politically.

“I don’t know that he survives this leading into the 2022 election and into 2024.”