WASHINGTON D.C. (WEHT) – Lawmakers from the Tri-State are releasing statements and videos on the Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Congressman Brett Guthrie (KY-02) released the following statement on the Biden Administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan:

“I’ve been to Bagram Air Base firsthand and visited our brave troops. The United States can’t stay in Afghanistan forever, but we also can’t leave overnight. The Biden Administration’s botched withdrawal process is not only a let down to the U.S. men and women who served in Afghanistan, but also to the Afghan people who collaborated with us and we left behind. Images of U.S. personnel evacuating our embassy and Afghan people trying to get on flights to escape from the Taliban are heartbreaking. This could have been avoided, and publicly setting the 9/11 date for withdrawal was irresponsible. Our troops, Afghan allies, and allies all over the world risked their lives to support stability in Afghanistan to strengthen security and create a brighter future for children in Afghanistan. They deserved much better from their sacrifices than this chaotic and failed withdrawal,” said Guthrie.

Senator Mike Braun released a video where he called the withdrawal “disgraceful.”

“To me this is one of the biggest examples of what’s wrong with how the government is currently being run.”

“We had a policy that many agreed with in terms of leaving places where it’s been a graveyard for many empires. We’ve spent a lot of treasure and blood there.”

“It’s disgraceful that we’re leaving in an embarrassing way like this, reminiscent of Vietnam.”

“I think this was an unforced error.”

“President Trump when he actually agreed to doing it over time – it never would have been done like this.”

“We had the ability to orchestrate this to get our people out safely, Afghanis, and the matériel.”

“Unfortunately this was botched by the Biden administration, and I hope they are held accountable for this.”