WASHINGTON —Today, U.S. Senator Mike Braun called on Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Mayorkas to resign or be impeached, slamming the Biden administration’s dereliction of duty of the southern border crisis. 

There have been 2 million illegal immigrants stopped at the border and 600,000 “gotaways” this year. One-hundred sixty nine people on the terrorist watchlist were stopped by Border Patrol, and Secretary Mayorkas could not say how many got through, or if Hamas terrorists were in the country.

Last week Sen. Braun joined a group of Republican senators in a letter to President Biden expressing concern over the 169 people on the terror watchlist stopped at the border and calling on Biden to take action to reinstate the border policies of the Trump administration. The White House has not responded.

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Sec. Mayorkas has failed to do his job

“He has been purposely detached from this because it’s coming from the White House and it started immediately after Biden got elected. By the way, I think he ought to resign immediately or be impeached. I mean that is dereliction of the worst kind and this has been happening for months.

Braun at the Border

“I and about 16 or 17 other senators were there right after Biden got elected and we had just had record low from the Trump administration. You didn’t even know what a ‘gotaway’ was. Now that’s up to 600,000 a year and these are the people that fly into Mexico and pay the big fees to the cartels, over 100 nationalities and the carnage that was just described along with the chaos, that’s becoming a real issue and I think that will be litigated in 24. The good news is our own conference in the Senate is elevating that to maybe the most important issue and it ought to be.