The crisis on our southern border means every state is a border state

EAGLE PASS, TX – Senator Mike Braun is at the southern border today to see the chaos that is endangering Americans daily and hear from Border Patrol about the threats they face from the border crisis.

“All the issues that are going on down at the border don’t end here.

They affect us back in Indiana.”

Watch Senator Braun’s first message from the southern border. Download.

Senator Braun went to the southern border in 2021 to see the record border crossings that began shortly after President Joe Biden took office and immediately reversed the Trump administration’s border policies that were working.

“The crisis on our southern border means every state is a border state. Fentanyl is killing Hoosiers every day, and we’ve had 600,000 ‘gotaways’ enter our country from nearly every nation on Earth. With 169 people on the terrorist watchlist stopped at our border in the last year, President Biden’s border crisis is a dire threat to our national security.” – Senator Mike Braun

The Indiana Sheriff’s Association is leading the trip.

Senator Braun will tour immigrant camps, parts of the border wall, and ask Border Patrol if they are concerned with the threat of terrorists entering the border, which FBI Director Wray has warned about and DHS Secretary Mayorkas was unable to deny at a recent congressional hearing.

View photos and videos from Senator Braun’s trip:


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