WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Mike Braun is introducing “The Braun Budget” – a balanced federal budget designed to throw the brakes on out-of-control government spending, fight inflation by bringing expenses and revenue into balance over 10 years, and unleash American prosperity by making the Trump tax cuts permanent.
Under to Congressional Budget Act, if the Senate Budget Committee fails to report a budget resolution by April 15th, any Senator can introduce their own budget and receive a vote on the Senate floor. That vote is expected to come sometime this week. 

“Record high gas prices. A 9.1% inflation pay cut. Every American is paying for the President Biden’s big spending agenda and D.C.’s budget dysfunction. Americans are tired of it, and it’s clear President Biden has no plan to deal with the inflation bomb he created. That’s why I’m introducing my own balanced budget that fights inflation and unleashes American prosperity.” – Senator Mike Braun

The Braun Budget balances expenses and revenues over 10 years and saves over $4.5 trillion – without raising taxes – by capping total spending and dialing it back to 17.5% of potential GDP (the 50-year rolling average of revenue, regardless of tax policy).
Senator Braun’s budget provides for robust defense and extends the life of the Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid trust funds for the millions of seniors who rely on this program for their health care. The Budget also pulls back over $100 billion of the remaining American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds that had nothing to do with COVID in the first place and kicked off the inflation wave hurting American families.
The bill text can be accessed here.

Watch Senator Braun announce his budget on Kudlow:

Braun on KUDLOW

Read the guide to The Braun Budget:

The Braun Budget Guide

The Braun Budget is endorsed by the following organizations so far:

  • ALEC Action
  • American Commitment
  • Americans for Prosperity
  • America First Policy Institute
  • America First Works
  • American Consumer Institute
  • American for Tax Reform (ATR)
  • Citizens Against Government Waste
  • Foundation for Government Accountability
  • FreedomWorks
  • Heritage Action
  • National Taxpayers Union
  • R Street Institute
  • Students for Life Action
  • Taxpayer Protection Alliance
  • Unity Above Self in America
  • Texas Public Policy Foundation
  • TPPF – States Trust 

Support for The Braun Budget:

“In just short two years, the socialist Democrats lead by Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi have turned our economy upside down with outrageous deficit spending and wasteful policies. Now, Bidenflation is at a 40-year high and hardworking Americans are feeling the pain in all aspects of life. It is time for strong conservatives to take a stand and push back against these failed policies. Senator Mike Braun is leading the charge to relieve the pain Americans are feeling. The Braun budget brings real relief by cutting spending and not raising taxes, all in an effort to combat the Democrats from causing more rampant inflation.”  – Matt Schlapp, CPAC Chairman,
“We thank Senator Braun for leading this fiscally responsible budget. This budget balances, cuts $2 trillion in taxes over ten years and implements reforms that will turn our country back toward the values and principles that have made us the freest and most prosperous nation in history. We desperately need selfless and bold leadership in Washington to empower individuals and pare back the government. Senator Braun’s budget does exactly this by outlining a positive vision for the future of our nation through free markets, decentralization of power, and choice.” – Adam Brandon, President, FreedomWorks
“American families are suffering from excessively high inflation not seen in four decades and a faltering economy due to Washington’s irresponsible policy choices.  It is clear that Congress needs to change course and address the government spending that is fueling inflation.  Senator Mike Braun is taking an important first step in that direction by putting forward a responsible budget resolution.  Sen. Braun’s budget is a blueprint for rolling back excessive deficit spending, providing accountability, and growing our economy once again.  Congress must then reject reckless spending bills and instead enact the legislation to carry out this budget.” – Garrett Bess, Vice President of Heritage Action

“Senator Mike Braun’s budget resolution lays out an alternative path to our current unsustainable course. His plan would balance the budget and limit spending to GDP growth, a policy that would encourage lawmakers to focus on pro-growth policies like extending the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Braun’s budget also makes important reforms to strengthen budget enforcement and improve scorekeeping at the Congressional Budget Office.” – National Taxpayers Union
“For far too long, the federal government has engaged in irresponsible overspending and with the latest inflation numbers, taxpayers are feeling the impact of these inflationary policies. Senator Braun’s sound budget proposal will not only balance the budget, but add transparency back to the budgeting process that has been absent for too long. We applaud Senator Braun for his commonsense solution to reign in the nation’s debt and hold elected officials accountable in serving the American taxpayer.” – Patrick Hedger, TPA Executive Director
“America desperately needs responsible Congressional budgeting. For too long, the federal government has engaged in reckless fiscal spending that has left the economy in a dire state. We welcome Senator Braun’s proposal to roll back excessive deficit spending, increase accountability, and lower inflation. Taxpayers need a fiscally responsible budget proposal that puts the economy back on its feet and holds the government accountable for its spending. Braun’s plan seeks to do just that.” – Krisztina Pusok, Research and Policy Director for the American Consumer Institute
“We applaud Senator Braun for putting forward a budget that would move our country toward a path of fiscal sustainability. Lawmakers have a basic duty to put forward a fiscal plan for our country. Budgeting is about tradeoffs. If other lawmakers have a different vision for our country, they should put forward their budgets showing their priorities. Then, Congress should debate and enact a real governing budget, something they have failed to do for years. ” – Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
“The congressional budget resolution is supposed to set the stage for managing all aspects of the federal budget, including controlling the debt that has helped create today’s high inflation. Senator Braun deserves a lot of credit for bringing a responsible budget resolution to the Senate floor, an opportunity created by the failure of the Senate Budget Committee. Senator Braun’s framework would encourage Congress to control spending, adopt pro-growth tax and regulatory policies, follow a glide path to primary balance, strengthen budget practices and program authorizations, and put major entitlement programs on a sustainable path. We urge all senators to support consideration of this budget resolution.” – Kurt Couchman, Senior Fellow in Fiscal Policy, Americans for Prosperity

“The American people are currently grappling with the grave economic consequences of the disastrous Biden Administration. Every American has been harmed in the process, especially those who are trying to raise healthy, thriving children. In order to create a society that values life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we must produce responsible economic policies that empower American families. While President Biden and radical pro-abortion legislators focus on facilitating the genocide of innocent preborn babies, the pro-life movement is working to strengthen families, especially through economic means. The majority of Americans do not want to be made complicit in the violence of abortion by paying for it, which is why the people deserve a budget that includes the Hyde Amendment. Students for Life Action supports the Braun budget because it respects the will and hard-earned resources of taxpaying American families.” – Kristan Hawkins, President, Students for Life Action

“Three cheers for Senator Braun’s budget, which ends the Democrats’ reconciliation threat to the American economy and forges a new path forward to American prosperity: low taxes, spending restraint, sensible regulations, unleashing American energy production, and securing the border.” – Phil Kerpen, President, American Commitment

“Senator Braun offers a bold and thoughtful plan for correcting the federal budget’s wayward course. His focus on accelerating economic growth, restraining federal spending growth, and permanently extending the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, is EXACTLY what we must do if we are to get our country’s fiscal house in order. The America First Policy Institute commends Senator Braun and his plan to restore economic integrity in our federal budget.” – James Carter, America First Policy Institute, Director of the Center for American Prosperity

“The budget proposal offered by Senator Mike Braun (R-Ind.) provides commonsense solutions to eliminate wasteful spending and balance the federal budget.  At a time when inflation is running at a 40-year high, the Braun budget protects taxpayers by making permanent the provisions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which will help increase wages and lead to new investment, rolls back unspent funds issued by the American Rescue Plan Act, and prioritizes eliminating improper payments, one of the key drivers to waste, fraud, and abuse in the federal government.  We applaud Senator Braun for his efforts to bring fiscal sanity back into the budget process.” – Tom Schatz, President, Council for Citizens Against Government Waste

“What our nation needs is more senators like Senator Mike Braun of Indiana.  Sen. Braun is serious about reforming our nation’s congress. Not only has Sen. Braun put forth a fiscally responsible budget for FY2023, he also is championing the “No Budget, No Pay” Act in the U.S. Senate, to bring about lasting change and restore fiscal sanity. Our group has as our goal, the ratification of the “No Budget, No Pay” Act, authored by Sen. Braun and Sen. Manchin, as the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Sen. Braun believes strongly and correctly that our nation must get back to the habit of passing an annual budget.  His FY2023 budget proposal is a first step. We ask that all concerned citizens visit his webpage for details on his common sense, pro-America, budget proposal. Dysfunction is rampant in our nation’s capital, and we all have to pull together to support men like Sen. Mike Braun who are serious about addressing our nation’s debt before it is too late. He is committed to working across party lines to seek long-term, common-sense solutions to avert a fiscal debt crisis by passing a budget that addresses our spending dysfunction. His FY2023 budget should be welcomed, applauded, and embraced as a first step in the right direction.” – Brian Walter, Founder, Unity above Self in America

“Americans have long understood and overwhelmingly supported work requirements. At a time of record-high open jobs and near record-low labor force participation, the commonsense work requirements in Sen. Braun’s budget proposal are a big step in the right direction to tame inflation and get Americans back to work.” – Tarren Bragdon, FGA President and CEO.    

“Americans are facing a serious fiscal crisis due to decades of overspending and reckless debt accumulation. Senator Braun’s (R-Ind.) FY 2023 budget offers an equally serious response. This budget avoids gimmicks and unrealistic assumptions by proposing reforms that are both substantive and politically palatable.  Braun’s resolution is an excellent example of how our economic prospects can be improved with both a strong fiscal rule and a strong Congress that is re-engaged in the business of governing.” – Nan Swift, Fellow, Governance Program (R St Institute)

“Senator Braun’s budget is a great product that every member of Congress should support. This budget proves, through hard work, it is possible for Washington to cut spending growth, increase transparency, and secure our country. Senator Braun’s budget brings us closer to a Responsible American Budget and putting our country back on a sound fiscal track for generations to come.” – Greg Sindelar, CEO of the Texas Public Policy Foundation